This 1500 barber program is designed for those who previously attended barber school and did not complete the entire barber program due to life circumstances.

Once a student submits a valid transcript from the previous barber school, the student would then be given credit in accordance with the transcript submitted up to 500 clock hours.

The student would be allowed to complete the theory portion of the barber program through zoom video learning up to 150 clock hours.
Once the theory portion of the barber program is completed, the student would be required to attend class on the school campus for the practical portion of the barber program.

At 1350 clock hours, the student would be going series of evaluation to determine if the student qualifies to participate in our internship program which involves the student working at the barbershop under licensed barber supervision and attending school camps only once a week until reached 1500 hours

The purpose of our internship program is to give our students real life barbershop experience outside of school to help them to well rounded and better equipped for success in the chosen field

NOTE: only the theory part of the barber program is allowed off-campus, not all candidates who wish to participate in this program will be allowed to do so, an average of 90% in both practical and theory is required to participate in off-campus learning as well as our internship program.